Reproduction paintings of Istanbul and Ayvasoski, which Romanian painter Valentin Chirvase worked in semi-impressionist and semi-realist style, and 2 Antalya tables were brought together at the Orkun & Ozan Art Gallery in Antalya on 10th of April. All the pictures of Antalya, including 14 of Kaleiçi Kemer Marinaya 's works of Chirvase' s works, are also exhibited at the Simitçi Mıstık Gallery in Kaleiçi district with the opening of Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu on April 11. For many years in Romania, with the influence of Ayvasoski of Valentin Chirvase, who made religious and mythological oil paintings of many historical churches, he turned to sea paintings and made taboos on Mediterranean and Black Sea. "Catch the style of waters sparkle flow in the city of reflecting the successful historical noble beauty of canvases by painting shrubs Chirvase works Rahmi Koc, believe many collectors like Kirac and managed to enter the art inventory. Turkey itself to support in the 2005 with collectors Mustafa Aydemir special request He was invited to Antalya, he was very impressed by Antalya, he portrayed Kaleiçi and Yacht Harbor which he admired especially, and he also reflected Kemal Marinade and Gelidonya Lighthouse on his canvases. The works of Valentin Chirvase will be exhibited in Orkun & Ozan Art Gallery and Simitçi Mıstık Gallery until Sunday, May 13th.