Valentin Chirvase Painter

Born in Romania in 1958. Graduated from the Higher School of Fine Arts. She worked in Italy. For many years in Romania, many churches made religious and mythological oil paintings. He opened personal exhibitions and attended group exhibitions. He won the second prize in his international competition in Moldova. He studied Russian Art and crafts. With Ayvazovsky's min effect, he turned to sea paintings. He made pictures about the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Semi-impressionist - semi-realist - catching a style and successfully reflected the historical noble beauty of the cities in the bathroom in the glittering flows of the waters.
VALENTIN CHIRVASE country and in Italy as well as in our country in the collection of many collections such as Rahmi Koç, İnan Kıraç.
The artist painted Kaleiçi and İskeleyi on the special ritual of Mustafa Aydemir. A total of 14 pictures in Antalya exhibition belong to 12 years ago. He has done two works from Kemer Marin and one from Gelidonya Lighthouse.

Art in Old Town - Kaleiçi