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Simitci Mistik Gallery is located on Hesapçı Street known as Royal Road, near Fluted Minaret in Old Town, the heart of Antalya. It is put into service in the world of art after an old Greek house is restored as a gallery. Works of local, national and international artists are here for costumers and art-lovers.


Simitçi Mıstık (Mustafa Dağtekin) 1878-1942
Simitçi Mıstık's father Hasan Rıdvanoğulları and his mother Fatma immigrated from Egypt and settled in Old Town (Kaleiçi) in 1866. Simitçi Mıstık was born in 1878 in the vicinity of the Fluted Minaret (Yivli Minare), in a house which was later demolished and replaced by a museum by the city council. He opened the first simit bakery in Antalya and soon his simit and ''koşma'' (a cane-shaped bun), became a favorite among the townsfolk who frequented his three shops. Simitçi Mıstık, who was a popular figure of the city at his time, gave his nickname to one of the oldest families in town: the Simitçi Mıstıks. His descendents, about 200 people still live in Antalya. This place has been named Simitçi Mıstık to live his memory.
Prof.Hüseyin Okutan,MD (4th generation descendent)

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