What are the projects of the gallery? -It's very interesting that foreigners are interested in Kaleici. We believe that those who live in this city should also have the same feeling in this region. Since we have created such an art gallery, we are producing projects to do our duty. We want to welcome some famous painters and writers in Europe, Kaleici. They will draw the Kaleiçi, write the Kaleiçi and introduce it to the World. It is possible for such a big project to be realized through sponsors. Driving in search. I hope we will pass on this project. We will continue to strive to introduce the Kaleiçi and realize what is to be done in the name of survival. Which galleries do you currently exhibit? -Valentine Chirvase is a Romanian painter. He is invited to Antalya in 2006. He's doing 16 pictures. Now these pictures are from the Mustafa Aydemir Collection. We are very pleased to exhibit the pictures of such a valuable artist. The artist also has pictures of Istanbul at the same time. There is art in Antalya, but it is very difficult to take steps to support painters in order to reward them and buy them. We want people to put pictures in their homes. Our gallery also hosts mini art meetings and presentations

Kaleiçi childhood Many of the residents of Antalya have not been in Kaleiçi. What are you going to say? Kaleiçi is the pearl of Antalya, this pearl Antalya unfortunately does not see. Foreigners are coming to Kaleici. They prefer not all-inclusive five star hotels and prefer foreigners who want to live in Kaleiçi. Especially the Asians prefer. People from the world are aware of the value of Kaleiçi. Everywhere is a bar. There must be other things in Kaleiçi, more work in this area than in copper, hand glance, eye work. I would like to have a Festival where Antalya food is introduced. Our food culture today is here. In Kaleiçi, there were human motifs with very different cultures and customs. Everyone had their own food and clothing culture. Here, today's taste of Antalya's clothing was born in Kaleiçi. I hope Kaleiçi will be in places that he deserves in the years to come. We do not get an income from it. Our purpose is another. Kaleiçi life must be alive. We go hand in hand with the people who think like us and go to Kaleiçi. We can put this in the car. However, Kaleiçi is a very important value from the money. From the day it was opened, it was met with great interest. Simitçi Mıstık Gallery, which exhibitions and presentations were made up to now - Photographs of Hüseyin Çimrin (22 Kaleiçi Photographs) and TMPDuggan (22 Kaleiçi Karakalem Drawings) We are touring Kaleiçi from Kalem "with the first exhibition named" Open to meet the audience. Our second exhibition was a ceramics exhibition on January 14th, 2017 in the style of Sadrettin Savaş "Cartoon Sculpture", a local artist living in Kaleici. The Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel opened the exhibition and presented it to our audience of Kaleici and Antalya art lovers. In our gallery, Kaleiçi hosted a series of interviews with this day's interview on April 30, 2016, with a small group of photographs of travel photos and photographs and documentary presentations of professional guests or professionals in their hobbies. In our last meeting, our Speaker was Mustafa Aydemir, explaining the Antalya Submarine Shipwrecks.